Selin Rollan and Michael Carter clean up Spec Miata at NOLA Super Tour

Selin Rollan and Michael Carter clean up Spec Miata at NOLA

The 2nd leg of the 2017 Hoosier Super Tour drew to a close yesterday at NOLA Motorsports Park in Louisiana with Rossini powered cars showing the way yet again.

In qualifying for Saturday’s race 5 of the top 10 were Rossini powered with Tyler Kicera leading the team with a superb 3rd place starting position. Race 1 was a hard fought race to the line with Chris Haldeman winning over Rossini drivers Michael Carter and Selin Rollan. Fellow Rossini drivers Preston Pardus finished 5th, Danny Steyn 7th, and Tyler Kicera 8th. Once again 5 of the Top 10 were Rossini powered.

Sunday’s Spec Miata race provided the cherry on the top. With a superbly timed qualifying run, young Michael Carter nailed his first National pole position for Race 2, and again 5 of the top 10 drivers on the grid for Race 2 were powered by Rossini, with Rollan in 3rd, Pardus in 5th, Kicera in 7th, Steyn in 8th and Nick Leverone in 10th.

The 35 minute feature Race 2 was a Spec Miata classic. Early on it consisted of a train of the best in SM including Rollan, Haldeman, Carter, Steyn, Hille, and Pardus. Pardus was the first to drop with a flat tire, then Steyn lost fuel pressure and it became a four man race between Haldeman, Carter, Rollan and Hille, and this time Selin Rollan triumphed with Rossini team mate Carter in 2nd and Haldeman in 3rd, and Hille in 4th, with the top four crossing the line within 4/10ths of a second. Kicera finished 6th, Steyn managed to survive in 7th, and Leverone in 11th. Danny Steyn’s new livery was a hit with the crowds and photographers!

A dominant weekend for Rossini drivers with a win, a pole, and four podium spots – just the way we like it!