Mike Rossini

Mike started playing with mini-bikes when he was 14 years old, and immediately joined the local scrambles scene. Soon after he went motocross racing and enjoyed many wins at his local track.

After moving up, Mike realized that he didn’t quite have what it took to win at the pro level, but his love for the sport kept him fully occupied as a team manager and mentor to many pro riders.

Mike remained involved in competitive pro motocross until 2006 when he decided it was time for a change. He dabbled with a Viper at HPDE track days, but one day a wise old man suggested he put aside the Viper for a few minutes and try out one of his Spec Miata’s. One session later and Mike was hooked. It was everything he had ever wanted from a race car and two weeks later the Viper was gone.

True to form, Mike started tinkering with his engine and soon was building engines and cars for customers. Less than 6 years later Mike has built hundreds of Spec Miata Engines for a wide range of customers, as well as many Spec Miata race cars for himself and his friends as well.

Motor Racing Career Highlights

  • Mike will tell you that he is quite content to run mid pack and watch the race unfolding ahead of him.
  • Despite this laid back approach Mike has had several victories in the hard fought Spec Miata Class and has stood on the podium on many occasions
  • But what really excites Mike is just how many times his engines have powered racers to the top step of the podium in the short time he has been building his Spec Miata Engines.
  • And more than that, Mike just loves to talk shop with like minded racers, so if you love racing, and you see Mike and his awesome rig at the races, you have a standing invitation to stop by and say hi. I promise you will be blown over by Mike’s willingness to help and generosity of spirit.