Adam Molaver

Adam has always been into anything motorized and credits his dad for starting his love affair with cars and bikes.

Adam started racing Spec Miata in the NASA Mid Atlantic region in 2005.

He is a FOUR TIME NASA Mid Atlantic Spec Miata Champion and serves as the Spec MIata Liasion to the NASA MId Atlantic Region

Adam and his wife are active with DARE fostering and working with rescued Doberdogs.

Motor Racing Career Highlights

  • 2014 3rd Place NASA Mid-Atlantic Spec Miata Championships
  • 2013 NASA Mid-Atlantic Spec Miata Champion
  • 2012 NASA Mid-Atlantic Spec Miata Champion
  • 2011 NASA Mid-Atlantic Spec Miata Champion
  • 2010 Sat out 2010 Season due to funding issues
  • Spec Miata Liaison to the NASA Mid-Atlantic region as well, acting as conduit between fellow SM racers and the organization.