Steffen CLark

Steffen Clark got started in Motorsports at a young age and regularly spent weekends at the track with is dad. His father ran Showroom Stock C in the late 80’s. When Steffen turned 18 in 2009, he instantly became very active at track days and autocross events.

Steffen has participated and won a couple of national level autocrosses and still competes on a national level. In recent years, his focus has shifted to track events and he regularly instruct with various HPDE clubs. Steffen completed his competition school at Summit Point in 2019 and the recent SARRC MARRS was his first wheel to wheel race. So far his favorite tracks are VIR and Summit Point.

Steffen also serves on the board of directors for his local SCCA region and can usually be found organizing events.

Steffen recalls …. “I met Mike Rossini after blowing up an engine in my ITA 1.6 NA Miata at an HPDE in 2018. I knew I was planning to get my competition license in 2019 and reached out to Mike to build me an engine in preparation for the 2019 season. That’s how Mike and I got to know each other. And the one thing about being at the track I love is all the people I have gotten to meet and all the opportunities it has given me. Whether I am helping run events or helping work for a prep shop it’s all fun for me”. Steffen currently helps Chris Windsor at events.

Motor Racing Career Highlights

  • 2019 - ECR enduro class winner ITA VIR 5-11-19
  • 2017 - Blue Ridge Region Solo driver of the year