Aiden Baker Crouse wins and Rossini drivers West, Harrel and Williamson almost execute a perfect weekend for the team

Rossini drivers Crouse, West and Harrel lock out the Spec Miata podium at the NASA Carolina Motorsports Park Winter Meltdown

Racing at the NASA Winter Meltdown at Carolina Motorsports Park took place under mixed weather conditions and tire rules and weather changes played a part in the results

In qualifying for Saturday’s race, Aiden Baker Crouse qualified 2nd behind Rossini Teammate Grant West. Both drivers qualified well under the track record.

On the start Grant West and Aiden Baker Crouse raced side by side through turns one and two with Aiden Baker Crouse getting the top spot on the exit of turn three. As the race continued Aiden Baker Crouse started to gap West. Tyler Harrell was trying hard to catch West. At the finish it was Aiden Baker Crouse taking the win by 4.676 seconds with Rossini teammate Grant West in 2nd followed by other Rossini Teammates Tyler Harrell in 3rd and Keith Williamson in 4th. Rossini drivers took the top 4 spots.

In NASA Southeast there’s a gentlemen’s agreement to one new set of sticker tires per weekend. and CMP ace Pat Smith played the gentlemen’s tire agreement to his advantage. Smith sacrificed his Saturday qualifying and race to have a new set of stickers for Sunday, this ultimately set the tone for the day. Pat Smith took fast time by a small margin of 0.054 seconds over Aiden Baker Crouse with Rossini Teammate Grant West qualifying 3rd.

About an hour before the race heavy rain moved in and the rain tires came out. On the start Pat Smith got the lead and the rest of the race was pretty much follow the leader trying to see through the spray. Pat Smith made one bobble in turn 14 which allowed Aiden Baker Crouse to pull up beside him on the front straightaway but this unfortunately put Aiden on the outside entering turn one and Pat maintained the lead.

Aiden Baker Crouse said “I couldn’t see anything in the spray behind Pat, I felt I was guessing where the track was some of the time.” Pat Smith drove a great race and took the win by 0.246 seconds. Aiden Baker Crouse finished 2nd with teammates Grant West in 3rd and Tyler Harrell in 4th.

ABC Motorsports would like to thank all their supporters, our family and crew, Rossini Racing Products, Carbotech Brakes and Darren Brady CPA.