Rossini drivers Michael Carter and Danny Steyn bring home the wins at NOLA Super Tour

Rossini drivers Michael Carter and Danny Steyn bring home the wins at NOLA Super Tour

The third round of the SCCA Hoosier Super Tour took place at the challenging NOLA Motorsports Park in New Orleans Louisiana this past weekend. Race car drivers love this track as it rewards drivers that have car control, courage and setup, and the great Mazda Miata platform is so exciting to drive at this track with it’s fantastic rhythm esses section.

In the first Spec Miata qualifying session for Race 1, Rossini driver Danny Steyn put his newly built car on the pole by almost 8/10ths of a second with Michael Carter in 2nd place. Rossini teammate Jason Connole nailed down the 12th spot.

At the start of the Race, Blake Clements timed the start perfectly, got passed Steyn and Carter into the lead with Steyn on his bumper, closely followed by Carter. On lap 4 Clements made a small mistake letting Steyn move into the lead and Steyn methodically clicked off quick lap after quick lap, slowly building an unassailable lead. With two laps to go, Carter got by Clements to finish 2nd giving Rossini Racing the top two steps on the podium.

Sunday’s qualifying saw Chris Haldeman out-qualify Steyn’s time by 2/1,000ths of a second, putting Haldeman on pole, Steyn next to him, Clements in 3rd behind Haldeman and Carter in 4th directly behind Steyn. Jason Connole had a tremendous improvement qualifying in 8th place.

At the start, Steyn missed a shift, also slowing Carter behind him to 8th place, but Steyn dropped all the way down to 27th position. Carter soon worked his way back up to the front, and Haldeman, Carter and Clements had an epic race, with Preston Pardus, Taylor Ferranti and Todd Buras in close contention. With two laps to go, Carter managed to get around Haldeman and pull away for the win over Haldeman and Clements. Steyn moved up to finish 7th, and Connole was running in a secure top 10 position when he got taken out by another driver and was unable to continue.

Another great showing in the always competitive Spec Miata class with a pole, two wins, and a 2nd. On to the next round at Road Atlanta and thereafter VIR.

Watch Danny Steyn’s in car video of his qualifying lap that puts him 8 tenths clear of the field