Michael Carter Podiums At Sebring Super Tour In Field Of 78 Spec Miata

Michael Carter Podiums At Sebring Super Tour In Field Of 78 Spec Miata

The first leg of the premier club racing series in the USA, the Hoosier Super Tour, kicked off to a great start at Sebring this past weekend with 78 Spec Miata’s taking the grid. More than 20 of them were powered by Rossini engines!

In Race 1 Rossini drivers, Selin Rollan, Michael Carter, Danny Steyn and Preston Pardus put on a great show but just missed out on the podium celebrations by finishing 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th respectively.

In Race 2, a chaotic first turn incident allowed to the top 6 drivers to break away from the field. Unfortunately Preston Pardus was caught up in the chaos. During the mid point of the race, the Rossini train of Selin Rollan, Michael Carter and Danny Steyn were running 2nd 3rd and 4th and Rollan was challenging Alex Bolanos for the win when his transmission blew up. Steyn fell off the back of the lead group and it was then left to Michael Carter to take the challenge to Bolanos. Steyn managed to work his way up to 3rd place behind Carter but a missed shift dropped him back to 4th.

No sooner had the announcer called 3 laps to go when the officials caught all the drivers by surprise, waving the checkered flag at least 2 laps too early, depriving both Carter and Steyn the ability to mount a challenge. Carter finished 2nd and Steyn 4th with fellow Rossini driver Andrew Charbonneau in 10th place.

All in all a great result for Rossini Racing engines. We were in the hunt each and ever session!