Chris Windsor climbs back on the podium at Summit Point

Chris Windsor climbs back on the podium at Summit Point

We just love sharing the success of our Rossini powered drivers, and this year we have seen so many different Rossini drivers qualifying well, standing on the podium, and winning prestigious events.

At the Summit Point Majors, in the qualifying session, Rossini driver Sam Schechter qualified his ’99 in 4th place with Jeremy Butz in 7th and Chris Windsor in 9th. Matthew Pullano was shaking out his brand-new car, and qualified in 13th, and Bailey Sigler qualified in 15th.

Now qualifying well and getting to the podium are not quite the same thing, and getting to the podium is all about consistent speed, full concentration, a bit of luck and limiting your mistakes, and Chris Windsor did precisely that in Race 1.

The race that had quite a bit of attrition, with Sam Schechter unfortunately getting taken out in lap 1, Rob Hines falling back from 4th with an electrical gremlin, and then Michael Collins who had the race in his pocket, having to retire from the lead with a wheel bearing failure late in the race.

All of this helped Chris move up from his 9th place starting position to get his first Majors Podium of he year and we couldn’t be happier. Chris Windsor finished 2nd behind Nick Bruni and ahead of Nick Leverone. Jeremy Butz had a great race and finished 5th, and Bailey Sigler finished 12th.

Race 2 was just as exciting but in the longer 24 lap race, with the Spec Miata’s sharing the run group with B Spec, at Summit Point, it is easy to have your race skunked by a car that you just cannot pass through the tight section from turns T4 to T8, and there were several frustrated drivers.

Up front Bruni, Collins, Hines and Ryan Heishman had a great race with the four of them finishing in that order with less than 2 seconds separating the four. Nick Bruni picked up his 2nd win of the weekend.

As predicted, several drivers got skunked including Sam Schechter and Chris Windsor, and while they were in contention to play with the leaders, they were held up and never able to make up the ground lost. Sam ended up finishing 6th behind Nick Leverone, and Windsor finished 7th.

Matthew Pullano got the gremlins sorted out in his car and made a hard charge through the field eventually finishing in 8th place just behind Windsor, Jeremy Butz finished 10th, and Bailey Sigler finished 12th