Lime Rock Park

Rossini sweeps 2017 Lime Rock Paddock Crawl – Goring wins ahead of Ralle Rookey and Evan Karl

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While many Spec Miata drivers were competing at the June Sprints at Road America, the New England Region of the SCCA was hosting their annual Paddock Crawl divisional race at ...

Rossini Driver Jonathon Goring And Ralle Rookey Score Big At Lime Rock Event

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Rossini powered Spec Miata drivers Jonathon Goring and Ralle Rookey kept their winning ways this past weekend at Lime Rock Park at the SCCA Double the Fun event. In the ...

Ken Quartuccio Wins His First Spec Miata Race At Lime Rock Park

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Last weekend Rossini powered driver Ken Quartuccio double dipped at the double regional race at Limerock Race Park in Ct. There were 42 cars in both STL and SM race groups. ...