Turnkey Rossini Spec Miata and Spec MX-5 Race Car builds

Turnkey Rossini Spec Miata and Spec MX-5 Race Car builds

While we are better known for our engines, for the past 15 years, Rossini Racing has been producing turnkey championship winning race cars. Our cars have performed at the very front of the ultra competitive Spec Miata class, have set numerous records and won multiple championships in Spec Miata.

We have built every version of Spec Miata race car from NA 1.6’s to NA 1.8’s NB ’99’s and NB VVT’s and we are now thrilled to offer race car builds for the newly formed Spec MX5 race car, which is going to compete both in its own class as well as in Super Touring Lite (STL)

Be sure to contact us today to get your new race car build started right away. Our cars are affordable and competitive with the best in the class.

A few of the Spec Miata race car features provided by Rossini Racing include:

  • Machine bent and laser cut roll cage components made to engineering specifications.
  • TIG welded cage installation to MIG welded base plates.
  • Optional extra-thick dropped seat mounting area to serve as a floor replacement for additional head room.
  • Ancillary brackets for driver convenience and safety.
  • Professional level fuel pump out kit.
  • Automotive grade professionally applied paint available in any single-stage automotive color choice.

Rossini Racing can assist you with all race car build problems you might have.

"Over the years I have been very fortunate to be patnered with outstanding service providers in the racing game, and that has allowed our company to perform at the very front of some of the most competitive classes in all of racing" said Mike Rossini. " And these results in turn have attracted an amazing array of customers and drivers, including ultra competitive front running drivers like Danny Steyn, Preston Pardus, Selin Rollan, Michael Carter, and many more." "But the real core of Rossini Racing is the average club racer who races regionally, travels to a few out of state races and just loves to share the track with his fellow racer. These are the bread and butter of Rossini Racing and we are so fortunate to have so many wonderful drivers in our extended Rossini family"

Turnkey Spec Miata Race Car Builds

Rossini offers turnkey Spec Miata race car builds for every budget level, from the pro-built spare-no-cost cars that you see racers like Danny Steyn racking up championships and track records, to more modest builds for the weekend regional racer wanting a reliable, competitive yet affordable race car. Call Mike today at 336 595 3413 to discuss your race car build.