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Class Legal Mazda Miata, Spec Miata, SM2, SSM and SM5 Racing Engines

Spec Miata Racing engines is what we do! Rossini Racing has been active in the competition motorsports arena for more than 35 years. We study the current race rules in every class. We take the time to understand how these rules are interpreted, measured and enforced. We then build to optimize your Mazda Miata engine within the letter of the specification, and since you will be on the podium more often than you ever were, we make sure our engine build will pass tech every time the car is torn down.

Our Mazda Spec Miata engines are legal, not tech shed legal! We also know how this business works. We know you take your racing seriously and you want to do well. We know you want to win, or at least beat your fellow competitor. We also know that you do this for fun, and the minute you stop enjoying your racing, that’s when you find another hobby to pursue. So we don’t take chances with your Spec Miata engine that will affect your race results, your fun and enjoyment of racing.

We offer you top quality services; our proven race winning, lap record holding Spec Mazda Miata, SM2 and SSM engines, plus great after sales service and advice. We also price our products and services fairly, allowing you to stretch your racing budget even further.

Our Mazda Miata Engine Services

We offer several services for Spec Miata, SM2 and SSM drivers. Don’t hesitate to call if there is something you need us to do that is not listed below

+New Pro Build from new Mazda MIATA Crate Engine

These are the engines that Danny Steyn, Chip Van Vurst, Adam Molaver, Ken Quartuccio, Selin Rollan and countless other drivers are using to win races, set lap records and ultimately win championships. We do not believe in cherry picking the best components for our top drivers. When you order one of our pro-built engines, you get the same motor that they get.

+Engine Rebuild from good MAZDA MIATA core

You supply us your good Mazda Miata engine that we can refurbish ‘ must be within class legal specs. We will not use blocks or heads that have been worked or worn beyond the class specs. We replace parts as necessary

Call for details and pricing

+Mazda Miata Race Engine Overhaul - Mazda Miata 1.6's & 1.8's, '99's and later

We completely tear down and recondition your Spec Miata engine and optimize its performance, replacing parts where necessary

Call for details and pricing

+Mazda Miata Heads and Cams - Mazda Miata 1.6's & 1.8's, '99's and later

We completely tear down your head and rebuild it, bringing it up to the latest spec, replacing parts where necessary

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+Dyno Test and Tune for Mazda Miata Engines

You get your car to us. We dyno test your engine, see what it is doing and we adjust your engine within the allowed specs to optimize your timing, AFR, horsepower and torque

Call Mike Rossini at 336-595-3413 for more information on how Rossini Racing Engines can transform your Mazda Miata engine into a solid, durable high performance engine.