Andrew Charbonneau

Andrew is known throughout club racing as being a real character, always up for a laugh and ready to entertain his friends. But even more importantly, Andrew has proven himself to be one of the fiercest competitors in all of club racing.

Andrew started with the Panoz Racing Series and shortly thereafter moved into club racing, racing in multiple classes including Showroom Stock, Spec Miata, Touring and Spec Racer Ford classes. Often Andrew would race multiple classes in the same weekend, and would be seen running from the impound area from the race he just finished, to jump into a car for another class in the next session.

In 2010 Andrew won the SCCA Runoffs at Road America in the Spec Miata Class, and has stood on the runoffs podium 3 times.

Andrew has also dipped his foot into Pro Racing with events in the Playboy MX-5 Cup and Grand AM Koni Challenge series.

Andrew runs a Jewelry and Coin exchange in Florida

Motor Racing Career Highlights

  • 2016 6th NASA Championships East Spec Miata
  • 2015 12th SCCA Runoffs Touring 4
  • 2012 7th SCCA Runoffs SSB
  • 2012 3rd SCCA Runoffs SSB
  • 2012 7th NASA National Championships Spec Miata
  • 2011 11th SCCA Runoffs SSB
  • 2010 1st SCCA Runoffs Spec Miata Champion
  • 2009 6th SCCA Runoffs Spec Miata
  • 2009 5th SCCA SE Division Championships Spec Racer Ford
  • 2008 7th SCCA SE Division Championships Spec Racer Ford
  • 2007 4th SCCA SE Division Championships Spec Racer Ford